Is it safe to buy Meta Quest 2?


Meta Quest 2 tops the chart as being the most popular VR gaming headset. But it’s just not about gaming. What else it can offer and how safe it is, Is it safe to buy Meta Quest 2? Let’s find out.

What exactly is Meta Quest 2?


Meta Quest 2 is a Virtual Reality headset, where you can play games with your friends in a two-player or multiplayer format, Join any live music concert, can shop with your partner, can exercise in the company of others all this is going to happen in virtual reality. Meta Quest 2 is Meta’s advanced headset where you can do all of this while sitting at your home.

Meta Quest 2 can be a starting point for you to explore Virtual Reality and Metaverse. You have to wear the glasses (Meta Quest) on your eyes and with the help of the touch controller and then boom! You are ready for the immersive experience.


Is it Safe to buy Meta Quest 2?
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Is it safe to buy Meta Quest 2?

Through Facebook and Instagram Meta already has your data in the form of email and contact. Though there are company issues with privacy, Meta claims that it is not possible to hack the device. Overall it is safe to buy Meta Quest 2.


What can you do with Meta Quest 2?

Meta Quest 2 is a part of Virtual reality and Metaverse. Meta Quest 2 offers various experiences than just VR gaming. Well, the question you should ask that what we ‘Can’t’ do with Meta Quest because it has so much to offer.

Following are some of the activities you can do with Meta Quest 2.

Meet New People

You can get social through VR chat apps. Create Customize social avatar for yourself and hang out with other avatars in a mini virtual world. These Virtual World can be created by you or anyone.

Make music

Well, who told you that you can’t create music without instruments? The Meta Quest 2 says you can. You can create original music or can modify any existing song. Some apps offer multiple instruments to create your favorite tracks. Virtuoso is a popular app in VR to create music.

Watch a concert

Venues by Facebook bring various musical concerts, sports events, comedy shows, and dramas straight to your headset. You can enjoy it with others in real time or choose to have a more personalized experience. Keep checking the updates.

Travel the world

Everyone wants to see the world through their eyes, but very few have the budget. But you travel the world through wander teleports in virtual reality. This might sound silly, but you can feel the vibe through Meta Quest 2 by just sitting at your home.

Exercise with others

Supernatural is an app where you can work out with others led by a fitness trainer. You can listen to music while doing so. It’s an amazing way to stay in shape in the four pillars of your house.

Other than this, You can experience theme parks, can climb rocks (yes, you can. It’s pretty tough.), Browse the web, Watch movies, Play Games, and many things.


What are the games in Meta Quest 2? Are they free?

As Days are passing by VR technology continues to become more immersive and true to life. The games in meta quest 2 are getting more realistic. Following are some of the best games in Meta Quest 2. Yes, there are free games available as well as paid.

Top Free Games In Meta Quest 2

VR Chat


Rec Room

Echo VR

Epic Roller Coasters

Gorillas Class

Gym Class basketball 

Pokerstars VR

Pavlov: Shack

Maestro: The Masterclass



Horizon Worlds

We are one


Top Paid Games In Meta Quest 2


Universe Sandbox

Song Beater: Quit my tempo


Gladius VR

Walkabout mini golf VR


Puzzling places


Shadow Point

The Atlas Mystery


Things to be taken care of while using Meta Quest 2

When you play with Meta Quest 2, you get immensely involved. It is very important to be aware of the home surroundings.

It’s very important to keep taking short breaks from wearing headsets. Do not wear them continuously for several hours.

Always limit who can see my activity in settings.


How Meta Quest 2 is different from Oculus Quest 2? Which one is better?

Well, both products are the same. Oculus Quest 2 had been renamed as Meta Quest 2 and both products are now as Meta Quest 2.


Why Meta Quest 2 is so popular?

The price-to-performance ratio is the best in the VR industry. Whether you are new to Virtual Reality or an experienced one this is the complete package for everyone. It has a minimalistic design, a comfortable battery life, a Great design, and an approachable price makes it the most popular VR headset.

If anyone requires eyeglasses, the glasses spacers come in the box as well. In simple terms, it’s very easy to use. All the buttons and visual experience are powerful. How long you use it, you will never feel uncomfortable. The Meta tech Controller is just the cherry on top.


Are the Meta Quest 2 accessories available easily?

All the essential accessories come with the box itself. It includes the Meta headset, Meta touch controller, Straps and USB-C charging. However, if you want extra accessories you can get them from the Meta store or Amazon.


Is it the right time to buy Meta Quest 2?

There has never been a better time than this to buy Meta Quest 2. Meta Quest 2 has been Meta’s highest-selling device since 2020 and it will continue to do so. With Quest 3 coming in September Meta will keep supporting Quest 2. If you want to have sufficient experience before Quest 3 becomes mainstream then you can buy Meta Quest 2 now.


Is it worth buying Meta Quest in 2023?

We can say this is one of the best times to get Meta Quest 2. It has become more affordable than ever. Meta also has indicated that they will keep updating and making it for a while now. We have discussed in this article that it is safe to buy Meta Quest 2. 

As the prices have dropped you can get paid games at very cheap prices. Also, Meta indicates that it may give accessories free to its customers. This is not confirmed but every Meta Quest 2 owner will get a Meta Quest Plus subscription. This is a huge opportunity to grab.



You can refer to the following video to make your decision better.


Which should I buy? Meta Quest 2 128 GB or Meta Quest 256 GB?

If you are a casual gamer then 128 GB would suit you but if you are a VR content creator then you should opt for 256 GB.



As the Metaverse is taking over and VR is a new talk in town it’s always important to be in the game Meta Quest Meta 2 let you in the game. Quest 2 takes care of your safety. You can experience the best VR Quality on this device. Do exercise, attend concerts, and play games with your friends, and this device will support you. The accessories are available online and the meta stores are also there to help you. Overall it’s a decent device to explore Virtual Reality.

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Meta Quest 2: Frequently Asked Questions

Can you watch movies on Meta Quest 2?

Yes, you can. Watch movies, Stream OTT platforms all this can be done on Meta Quest 2.

 From where can buy Meta Quest 2?

You can buy it from Meta store or Amazon.

 Meta Quest 2 Vs Oculus Quest 2: Which one is better?

It’s the same product. Previously it was Oculus Quest 2 and now it’s Meta Quest 2.




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