Bellabeat vs Fitbit: Which one is the best in 2023?

Two of the best brands in the wearable and fitness-tracking industry, Bellabeat and Fitbit have carved their path and are now very well known to the industry and need no introduction. But which one stands out most in 2023? Let’s find out.

BellaBeat vs Fitbit: Which one is the best in 2023?


Bellabeat vs Fitbit



Both Bellabeat and Fitbit are well-known fitness-tracking brands in the wearable industry. Each one has its own unique identity and features. The target market and the features may collide sometimes but otherwise, they are different in many aspects.


Fitbit is one of the well-known brands in the wellness following wearable industry. It was established in 2007 and its most memorable item, Fitbit Tracker, sent off in 2009 was a moment hit. The ubiquity of the brand rose from that point forward and presently it has secured itself as truly outstanding in business. It offers various items for each age gathering and orientation and they support a sound and fit way of life.


Bellabeat, then again, was established in 2014 and has an essential spotlight on making shrewd gadgets for ladies’ well-being. Their devices generally focus on giving insights to women through personalized data through their products. The brand is preferred by women but it has some classy products for men also.


Short Table of comparison between Bellabeat Vs Fitbit.
Detailed information is given after the table.


    Bellabeat        Fitbit 
Daily Activity Tracker          ✅             ✅
Calories Burn          ✅             ✅
Steps and Distance          ✅             ✅
Goal Setting          ✅             ✅
Inactivity          ❌             ❌
Clock/ Watch          ❌             ✅
GPS          ❌             ❌
Android/ IOS         ✅             ✅    
Bluetooth         ✅             ✅
Windows Phone          ❌             ✅    
Web Portal          ❌             ✅
Macbook/ iMac          ❌             ✅    
Alarm clock/ Reminders          ✅                 ✅    
Sleep Tracking         ✅             ✅


The feature of Stairs, Smart Coach, Exercise tagging, Compass, Stopwatch, Music Playback, wifi, and social features are not available in both products.

After seeing the short table of these specifications and features, let’s look at the other features in detail and compare them. 


Features: Bellabeat Vs Fitbit 

Here is a detailed comparison of features. 


Bellabeat is made from American ashwood and stainless steel so it looks like jewelry rather than a fitness tracker. As the Bellabeat target market is women you can wear these as necklaces, bracelets, or clips or can be fitted in any style. 


The Bellabeat’s design mechanism is about sophistication. It may lack technology but the understatement for women to jewelry is commendable. Surprisingly with Bellabeat, many people think that this is a piece of jewelry and not a fitness tracker. 


On the other hand, Fitbits design is more like an Apple watch. Ít has a traditional look but its features may surprise you. It focuses more on compatibility and durability. The Fitbit design is simple, neat, and crystal clear. 




The Bellabeat device does not have any display. But you can operate your data via a connected device through the app available on Android or Ios. The device is waterproof and it has a length of 2 inches and a thickness of half inches. 


DisplayIn contracts with Bellabeat, Fitbit offers an AMOLED display protected by Gorilla Glass 3.


The Fitbit has a 300×300 pixel show and is outfitted with an Encompassing Light sensor that naturally changes the presentation’s brilliance as per surrounding lighting.  



Compatibility and User Interface 

Bellabeat’s user interface is easy to navigate. It can be accessible to every age group. Their smooth app is compatible with Android and IOS devices, doing the best for the user for a seamless experience.  



The same goes with Fitbit also. You can connect it to Android and ios devices and use their user-friendly app. In addition to this, you can connect Fitbit with Windows Phone, iMac/Macbook, and even a Web portal. Fitbit has a clear edge in this format. 


Battery life  

Both devices have an incredible battery and both use a lithium-ion battery that needs to be charged every few days. 


Bellabeats devices are very well known for their battery life. Depending on the model the battery can last from days to a couple of weeks. The average battery life of the Bellabeat device is around 8 days. You do not have to worry about frequent recharging of the device. 


The Bellabeat leaf, companies not rechargeable device can last up to 6 months on the other hand Bellabeat IVY has a chargeable battery and last up to 6 to 8 days. The focus of Bellabeat has been on robust and long-lasting devices so that’s why they do not offer a display as it takes a lot of charging. 


As Fitbit offers a display of 300×300 pixels, on average you have to charge it every five to six days. Depending on your usage and model. For example, the basic model from the Inspire series can last up to 5 days while more advanced models with power-intensive features like the Versa or Sense may need charging every other day.


While Fitbit offers various activities and the same smartphone-like features you can still rely on its battery. You need to change it from time to time as you do to your other electronic gadget. The power management feature improves the quality of the fitness tracker. 


Functionality and Features 


Bellabeats Fitness is probably the best fitness tracker come out for women. They specifically take care of women’s health by measuring tracking anxiety, periods, and body movement. They also provide a guided meditation approach. 


Fitbit gadgets measure everything from your day-to-day movement and exercise to your pulse, area, and even electrodermal action for anxiety following in their more complex models. Most current plans consolidate a screen, permitting prompt readouts of imperative measurements.


Activity Tracking 


Bellabeat functions smoothly on conventional activity-tracking features but it goes beyond these mediums and tracks sleep schedule, alarm clock, speed, distance, steps, and reminders. But it exclusively tracks women’s health from the menstrual cycle to anxiety. 


In the activity tracking section, we can see that Fitbit has more accurate features. It has some of the best tracking features as it was designed for this feature. The accurate censors work comprehensively for your proper monitoring of the day. And if you opt for the premium subscription then you can unlock more exclusive features.  


Water Resistance


Both Bellabeat and Fitbit have water resistance features.  


Fitbit trackers usually have IP68( you can swim by wearing this) or a higher water resistance rating which is considered to be good or even better. If you are living in an area where the rain is unpredictable still you won’t have any problem.   


Bellabeat fitness trackers are accessible in different water obstruction evaluations, like IP68 to IPX6. Assuming that your Bellabeat has an IP68 certificate, it is among the most water-safe electronic contraptions that anyone could hope to find.


We have seen the complete feature review here. While Fitbit is a slightly better feature because of its great technological advancement. But Bellabeat has some extremely cool features and modernized touch which is a breath of fresh air in the fitness tracking industry. 


 Bellabeat Vs Fitbit: Pros and Cons 


Bellabeat Pros and Cons 


Currently, the only fitness tracker which offers to track menstrual Health.

Wear it like a necklace, bracelet, or clip. 

Stylish design and a cool look.

Wear it like jewelry. 

The accuracy of a pedometer is better than Fitbit.  



The display is not available. 

No heart rate monitoring feature. 



Fitbit Pros and Cons 


User-friendly product

Brand recognition is higher

Comes with a display

Water resistance is significantly higher

Cost efficient 

Support debit and prepaid cards

Simple design 



Some devices need frequent charging 

It does not have a GPS sensor instead you have to connect to it to your mobile phone.   




Are these fitness trackers worth it in 2023? 

Well, the fitness trackers are always worth it irrespective of the year or the brand.  Whether it’s Bellabeat or Fitbit, the fitness trackers are here to stay. We always need a fitness tracker to constantly monitor our health and check out for improvements. It largely improves the habit of taking our health seriously. Whether you buy from Bellabeat, Fitbit, or any other brand but you can consider having a fitness tracker. 


After knowing all the information you must be thinking which you should choose? Well, let’s try to find out. 


Bellabeat vs Fitbit Which One Should You Choose?


Bellabeat vs Fitbit, which one to choose in 2023? It is a tricky question but we have provided a good amount of information to decide. The benchmark of these products is high and the quality is top notch

Consider the following points while choosing between the two. 


Your specific fitness and health goal 

Budget and pricing options 

The preference for a specialized health feature 

Your preferences in aesthetics and design 


You can make your choice by considering the above four points. 


What is the price of Bellabeat and Fitbit? From where should I buy them?

you can purchase them from Amazon.

Product Price  Key features  Target Market 
Fitbit Sense 2  $299 The most advanced, ECG app, manages stress and sleep  Health-focused individuals 
Fitbit luxe  $99 Steps, stress, phone Gps, sleep Tracking  Basic fitness tracking 
Fitbit versa 3 $159 Voice control ability to answer calls from the wrist, advanced features, all charge 4 features Smartwatch users 
Bellabeat  Ivy $199 Menstrual cycle, anxiety, personalized coaching,  Women Health 
Bellabeat leaf  $99 Activity, Menstrual cycle,  Stress management, and can wear as a jewelry  Women’s health and style 




In conclusion, we can say that both the products have unique and different features. The target audience for Bellabeat is women and for Fitbit, it is a general audience. Bellabeat has a menstrual health system which at the moment no other device has. On the other hand, Fitbit is apparently a well-known brand in this industry and it is a unisex product. Their technological advancements are yet to be matched by other brands. 


By using any device you can clearly achieve your fitness and health goal. You can opt for anyone. You need to see your preferences, your priorities, and compare them with our features. Make the decision and all the best for your fitness tracking journey.  


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FAQ: BellaBeat vs Fitbit 


Is Fitbit worth it without Premium? 

Yes, you can achieve your goals without the premium membership. However, if you want to unlock exclusive features you can go for premium membership. 


Does Bellbeat count steps? 

Yes, Bellabeat does count steps and distance covered also. However, it does not count stairs. 


Can I wear Bellabeat in the shower? 

No, though it has a water-resisting rating, the company does not recommend using it for showering, diving, or intentional swimming, especially in saltwater.


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